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Hotels Views 2016

You know the drill, every hotel that I stay in I take one photo out of the window. That’s the challenge….the things I do for fun! So as not to overwhelm, here’s but a few from 2016.

Blake Hotel #1111 New Orleans


Hampton Inn #324 Cedar Rapids


Hyatt #1214 New Orleans


Blake Hotel #876 New Orleans


Riverwalk Hotel & Suite #312 Global San Antonio


Best Western #38 Waseau, OH


La Quinta Inn #423 Memphis


Grand Oasis #2226 Tulum Mexico


Marriott Downtown #569 Kansas City


Marriott Downtown #1269 Kansas City


Sundance Resort Cabin Mandan Sundance UT


Hilton #503 Memphis

Epicurean Hotel #261 Tampa


Sheraton Airport #532 Tampa

Happy Holidays 2016!

Secret Santa

We laughed we cried the cockles of our hearts were warmed like never before!  Secret Santa enlists law enforcement to hand 100’s to those who appear to need it the most. I had the good fortune to photograph Secret Santa for my good friend Steve Hartman. Steve has a great segment on Friday evenings on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley called On The Road with Steve Hartman. He tells GREAT stories and is an incredible editor. Hope you enjoy the photos…and this holiday season! #secretsanta

To watch Steve’s story go —>

Murder Capitals

In case you’re curious, here are the top 5  places in the U.S where you’re most likely to be murdered, mostly by firearms…but that’s another topic.

Within the last year I have visited for one reason or another 4 out of the top 5 counties, parishes or geographic regions on the murder list. They are wonderful places, seriously, but like most big, medium & small cities, rural areas and well just about everywhere else on earth, they have their dark side. I’m not sure what my point is other than that people smile & love everywhere and these places are great, especially compared to the headlines that lead us to believe otherwise. Here are a few images from those scary places and I can’t wait to get back to each & everyone of them.

#1 Saint Louis, MO, yay my hometown!

6J0A4287 copy
16-08 United Way Day 3 Darius in Ferguson

IMG_7286ps copy

6J0A1388 copy

15-07 Bloomberg Ferguson

#2 Orleans Parish, LA

15-07 Bloomberg Ferguson

16-02 4/14 New Orleans Eastman

16-02 4/14 New Orleans Eastman

16-02 New Orleans, Eastman

15-16 UMMC via Ramey

16-02 New Orleans, Eastman

#3 Baltimore, MD15-08 FM Global McCormick 16-02 4/19 Murder Capital Pics

15-07 Bloomberg Ferguson 16-02 4/19 Murder Capital Pics

16-02 4/19 Murder Capital Pics

15-11 FM Global Parsippany, NJ 16-02 4/19 Murder Capital Pics


#5 Hinds County, MS (#4 Halifax County, NC I haven’t been there lately)

15-16 UMMC via Ramey

15-16 UMMC via Ramey

15-16 UMMC via Ramey


15-16 UMMC via Ramey

15-16 UMMC via Ramey

The Museum of the City of New York Exhibition

I’m honored to have 10 images, that I’ve made over the years of the NYC Marathon, on display at The Museum of the City of New York. The exhibition is titled The New York City Marathon: The Great Race. I’ve been shooting the marathon for about 9 years & counting and was at it again last Sunday. If you have a chance to check out the exhibition it’s pretty cool, as is the museum in general, it’s a great place! The exhibition will be on display from OCT. 20, 2015 – MARCH 8, 2016. Here’s a few iPhone snaps.