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I Have a USPS Stamp

ms-stampI’m pretty stoked about this, the US Postal Service just announced a stamp with one of my photos. It’s not a 1, 3 or even 20 Cent stamp, it’s a Forever one, First Class stamp, baby! It honors Mississippi’s designation as the birthplace of the blues & the photo is of the great Jimmy “Duck” Holmes. They go on sale early 2017. #honored #visitMS #Jimmyduckholmes #USPS#bluefrontcafe #foreverstamp #Bentonia #jukejoint

 Now for the official USPS statement: Mississippi Statehood (Statehood series)
This stamp celebrates the 200th anniversary of Mississippi statehood. Mississippi became the 20th state on Dec. 10, 1817. The stamp features a 2009 photograph showing a close-up of a guitar player’s hands. Mississippi is the birthplace of many legendary blues artists who created a uniquely American genre of music. Among states, the Magnolia State is 32nd in size, and with nearly three million people, it ranks 31st in population. Art director Greg Breeding designed the stamp with an existing photo taken by Lou Bopp

Behind the Scenes Blues Tour Aug. 2012

What a week….NYC, St. Louis, Memphis, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Geneva, Paris, back to Atlanta, Memphis, St. Louis and then to Dallas-> Home. The majority of that was spent touring with 3 of the most amazing living blues musicians of our time and featured artists in the film documentary We Juke Up In Here!; Louis “Gearshifter” Youngblood, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes & Terry “Harmonica” Bean, what a treat to document this historic trip!

Filmmakers Roger Stolle (CEO Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art), Jeff Konkel (CEO Broke & Hungry Records) & Damien Blaylock & myself also screened the documentary We Juke Up In here! at the Geneva Arts Festival. Along the way the blues trio brought a little Mississippi to Europe and played both separately & together, epic performances! Huge thanks to All that made this happen and especially to the folks at Rootsway in Italy.

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, boarding for Paris.

Terry "Harmonica" Bean is in the house.

Backstage in Geneva.

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, Terry "Harmonica" Bean & Louis "Gearshifter" Youngblood waiting in the wings.

Roger Stolle & Jeff Konkel greeting the crowd.

Louis "Gearshifter" Youngblood.....I'm liking the way my Delta pics were displayed & looped in the background.

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, with his Blue Front Cafe juke in Bentonia, MS beamed in the background.!

Seat 3D Paris to Atlanta.

Terry "Harmonica" Bean on to the next performance.

Terry "Harmonica" Bean kill'n it!

GQ Terry "Harmonica" Bean.

Crowd Stoppers: The last day in Geneva the guys put on a little impromptu jam in the old part of the city....stopped people in their tracks!

More street jam'n....a porch is a porch is a porch whether in Mississippi or Europe.....

Terry "Harmonica" Bean

Lady's man....

Terry & Jimmy

Jimmy playing his new friends "guitar" from Afghanistan.

Gearshifter checking out peopes.


Jimmy "Duck" another kind of cafe.

Terry "Harmonica" Bean

Jimmy " Duck" Holmes checking out the next stage.

Terry "Harmonica" Bean backstage.

Outdoor ad promoting the Screening of We Juke Up In Here!

Look at the size of this place! Beautiful location right on the shore of Lake Geneva.

Gearshifter waiting for his sound check .

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, awaiting his soundcheck.

Geneva Arts Fair Poster, we were sandwiched between Shaggy & Kool & the Gang.

Terry's harps in the green room.

"Gear" backstage day 5.

The trio on stage at the same time.....first time ever. Po Monkey looms in the background. Must say that I have never seen my photos displayed so large, about 30 ft. high??

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes. Amsterdam.

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, reflections.

Terry...w/ yet another fan.

Beer & potato chips for breakfast, Louis "Gearshifter" Youngblood. Respect Gearshifter, mucho respect!!!!




The traveling group.

On the road again....

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, another night.

Roger Stolle & Jeff Konkel working on logistics.

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes. Paris.

The "Duck" itinerary.

Hello Memphis.