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Hotels Views 2016

You know the drill, every hotel that I stay in I take one photo out of the window. That’s the challenge….the things I do for fun! So as not to overwhelm, here’s but a few from 2016.

Blake Hotel #1111 New Orleans


Hampton Inn #324 Cedar Rapids


Hyatt #1214 New Orleans


Blake Hotel #876 New Orleans


Riverwalk Hotel & Suite #312 Global San Antonio


Best Western #38 Waseau, OH


La Quinta Inn #423 Memphis


Grand Oasis #2226 Tulum Mexico


Marriott Downtown #569 Kansas City


Marriott Downtown #1269 Kansas City


Sundance Resort Cabin Mandan Sundance UT


Hilton #503 Memphis

Epicurean Hotel #261 Tampa


Sheraton Airport #532 Tampa

Happy Holidays 2016!

Room Views 2015

My much anticipated (lol) annual pictures-out-my-hotel-windows are up! I’ve been making images out of my hotel windows for many many years. The following is a partial list from 2015.  One rule, it’s simple: I have one push of the button to make something out of sometimes nothing, that’s the fun part! One thing that I’ve noticed is that the quality of the hotels dipped a bit this year….hmmm, I must work on that in 2016;) And without further adieu, here’s what I made.

15-01 3/20 Rose KC Spring Break Museums etc.

816 Hotel # 325 Kansas City May


15-02 7/21 Montreal Museum, Niagara Falls etc.

Americas Best Value # 407 Niagara Falls, Ontario April


15-16 UMMC via Ramey

La Quita # 405 Memphis June


15-16 UMMC via Ramey

Hampton Inn # 121 Jackson, MS June


15-02 Cantor Horses, Fairmont Park, IL

Hilton # 576 Indianapolis Jan.


15-02 Cantor Horses, Fairmont Park, IL

Chase Park Plaza # 479 Saint Louis Jan.


15-15 Marley Coffee Jamaica

Knutsford Court # 1252 Kingston, Jamaica June


Breakfast/Travel. 15-20 Sundance CO

Super 8 # 211 Cedar Creek, UT Aug.


15-23 CSpire Bull Travels Starville, MS

Hampton Inn # 309 Starkville, MS Sept.


15-02 5/3 Chelsea Wedding Rose, Seed Festival Bakersfield, MO

Holiday Inn # 224 Mansfield, MO Aug.


14-01 3/1 Chelsea Snow

Villanova Inn #311 Radnor, PA Feb.


15-02 4/19 Nevada

Marriott # 10722 Las Vegas Oct.


15-02 4/19 Nevada

Marriott # 251 Henderson, Nevada Aug.


15-20 Sundance, Buffalo, NY

Marriott # 237 Springfield, OH July


15-20 Sundance, Buffalo, NY

Staybridge Suites # 311 Buffalo July


15-02 7/21 Montreal Museum, Niagara Falls etc.

Hilton # 125 Near Montreal Dec.


Hilton 327 Springfield, MO May


Rm # 1002 KC Hilton for ba'mitzva with Kalsows.

Hilton # 1002 Kansas City Nov.

Safety First……

Heya folks, what would you do, if for example you were in a high rise & experienced an earthquake? I’ll bet that the west cost peopes would know, but the rest of the country? Kirsten Shawn, our host, asked the unsuspecting this question and many more and got some great & very diverse answers. These are not your typical safety video’s, we actually want people to watch & learn from them lol! Check’em out below.

For more background information checkout the blog by my awesome producers at Wonderful Machine:

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.34.19 AM



Active Shooter




Earthquake & Tornado

Brandywine Reality Trust Tenant Safety Series
Client: Brandywine Realty Trust
Hosts: Kirsten Shawn, William Criticos & John Clyde
Director: Lou Bopp
Director of Photography: John Michael Ryan
Production: Wonderful Machine
Post Production: Jeff Brierly, Verb Editorial
For more information please contact us directly or visit

Mississippi Tourism Homecoming Campaign BTS

I’ve been shooting in Mississippi so often over the years that many are convinced that I have another family there….for the record, I don’t:)

Most recently I was brought on by The Ramey Agency to direct four 30 sec. broadcast spots and stills for the Mississippi Tourism Homecoming campaign. The 4 spots, Food with famed chef & author Robert St. John, Art with the internationally renown jazz singer Cassandra Wilson, Music with the great & forever young Bobby Rush and an Omnibus with country music star Marty Stuart, were shot at dozens of locations in about a week, all over the state. Definitely not for the faint of heart, pure hustle. Chemistry was key and we had it from the first call right on through post production.

Going into the campaign we knew that the shots had to be authentic because a place this cool doesn’t need a bunch of stock-like scenes that could have been made from Anywheresville. Mississippi has such a unique vibe, diversity of activities, music, events, food, people etc. etc. It’s almost overwhelming, something for everyone! In the final shot list we had to cherry pick the best of the best, and there was a lot to choose from…..a good problem to have!

After marrying the shot list to the overall logistics it didn’t take us long to jump right into the production phase. We geared up and travelled state wide with a 3 ton truck full of equipment, a DIT van, an awesome local crew and great clients!

Huge thanks & mad respect to all that helped make this happen, including but not limited to The Ramey Agency, Mississippi Tourism, Tangent Mind, Key of Blue Productions & Rukus Post!

For now here are a few bts pics, the rest of the campaign should be forthcoming…..please stay tuned!

14-05 MS Tourism Ramey Agency