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Secret Santa

We laughed we cried the cockles of our hearts were warmed like never before!  Secret Santa enlists law enforcement to hand 100’s to those who appear to need it the most. I had the good fortune to photograph Secret Santa for my good friend Steve Hartman. Steve has a great segment on Friday evenings on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley called On The Road with Steve Hartman. He tells GREAT stories and is an incredible editor. Hope you enjoy the photos…and this holiday season! #secretsanta

To watch Steve’s story go —>

Amory B. Lovins

He’s one of my hero’s, Amory B. Lovins, chief scientist and cofounder of The Rocky Mountain Institute in Snowmass, CO. He’s a world leader in energy efficiency. His home in Snowmass, CO is passive which means he uses no heat or AC, all solar, AND he gets a check every month from the utility company because he makes more power than he uses. He’s been living this way since the early 80’s.

For vastly different reasons, living this lifestyle is good for both sides of the aisle, it’s a win win, whether you believe in climate change or not. I made these images for a Jamie Redford & HBO production called Happening last month.  15-20 Sundance CO

Amory in his home library

15-20 Sundance, CO

In his living room, surrounded by tropical plants including a very large banana tree.

15-20 Sundance, CO



For those who haven’t heard my voice in awhile, listen to me. Here’s an 8 min. podcast via KDHX 88.1 FM in Saint Louis about my Portraits of the Blues expo at the Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries. Interviewed by Nancy Kranzberg, she’s awsome! The show is up until the 1st wk of Jan. it’s free to visit & some of the prints are for sale. Click the image to listen.



Slate Magazine, 11/16/2013. To read the full interview, written by Jordan Tiecher and view more photo’s, please click on the photo.

Lou Bopp photographs Mississippi bluesmen and blues culture in his exhibition, “Lou Bopp- Portraits of the Blues.” copy


Digital Photography Review, 11/16/2013. To see the gallery, click on the photo.

In Photos- Portraits of the living legends of blues- Digital Photography Review

CNN Photos. Juke joints keep the blues alive

Thanks CNN for featuring some of my juke joint photos in the CNN Photos blog section, love the photo driven philosophy. Now you know where I’m spending my nights when I’m not shooting commercial work!

Senatobia FD

Most of the time when I’m on a shoot in a new place and I find myself with bit of spare time, which is rare, what do I do? I shoot! Last month down south, had about 40 min. of down time and saw these southern gents at the Senatobia Fire Station so I popped in & said hello. Nice as could be, southern hospitably style…meeting people like this on a whim is the best, and it’s a great challenge to be on the clock, finding good light & making new friends look good & comfortable. Thanks Chief!